Electronic Voucher Distribution

Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution, also known as Electronic Voucher Distribution System, EVD, E-Voucher Distribution, PIN code distribution, PIN Voucher, mobile top up, airtime top up, e-topup, mobile reload has dramatically become an essential commodity for the emerging markets and truly the unbanked areas in Ghana and the globe. It is one of the value added services that is of paramount importance for retailers/merchants to provide their customers. No physical airtime stock –vouchers, scratch cards- is kept on-site therefore reducing the risk of theft.

Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution enables the vending of Prepaid Airtime for retailers and offers airtime vouchers from all Mobile network operators via its mobile carriers. Not only does it provide the opportunity to earn revenue from a new product stream, Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution is able to draw new customers into the stores, outlets.

Empower Telecommunications and Technology Limited has the ability to apply diversified Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution onto its POS (Point of Sale) terminals, Android Devices and Laptop etc…

With our professional team having years of experience in Electronic distribution industry, we aim at assisting local companies reduce operational cost whilst providing their customers with the best of service.

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